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Bike Cover.

People stop you on the street for a reason—your bike is beautiful! The Beachman Bike Cover is like a raincoat and a spa treatment rolled into one. It shields your bike from the rain, ensuring it stays youthful and vibrant as the seasons change and your tire tread wares. Before you know it, you've hit 4000km, and it still looks as stunning as the day it was born.

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Traveler’s Backpack

Hit the road with your cocktail shaker and a picnic—just not in your hands, because you'll need those to steer your bike! Now, you've got a backpack. It's the perfect size to carry everything you need, whether it's for a romantic date for two, a ride to the office, or a quick dash to the grocery store.

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Biltwell Helmet

You already have one of these because you wear it every time you ride your bike. But now, you have a second one. Pick out your new helmet to match your favorite riding outfit, or give it to someone you'd love to have double up on the back. Either way—you've got a new helmet!

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Staff Jacket

Although you don’t have to show up at 9 AM, you now officially work at Beachman, so it’s time to get you in uniform. Thank you for spreading the good word!

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Custom Seat/ Custom Tank Upgrade

Think of this as your Christmas bonus. You've worked incredibly hard, and we want you to know that we see and appreciate the extra effort you are putting in. So start dreaming up your new tank design, or finally get that hand-stitched leather seat you've been dreaming of.

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This is not a drill. This is real. You've referred 15 people to buy Beachman bikes. To thank you we wanted to get you the best thing money could buy. So here's your new bike—enjoy!

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