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Location: 530 Keele Street, Unit 407, Toronto, ON M6N 3C9. 

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Beachman FAQs

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Do I need a motorcycle license or registration to ride a Beachman?

Do I need to wear a helmet?

What are the specifications?

Can I recycle my Beachman Battery?

Can I buy a Beachman outside of Canada?

Where is the location of my VIN?

What is the best way to keep my tires pumped?


Riding & Ownership Videos

First and foremost, here is our recommended safety video featuring Evel Knievel and Peter Fonda.

The information in this video is extremely important and will very likely save your life, so please watch it all the way to the end.

Beachman 64 Overview
How To Charge Your Bike
How To Use The Kickstands
Tow Hitch Bike Rack Mounting Tutorial
More info will come to this page as we build it out.