Electric Car Conversions

As one of Canada's leaders in electric vehicle design and assembly, we find passion in giving new life to classic cars.

Those who own Vintage Porsches, MGs, Land Rovers, VW Buses and other classic era cars are encouraged to apply. 

Ideal conversion candidates are vintage vehicles (pre-1985) with manual transmissions and lighter frames. Our conversion process takes advantage of the direct-to-transmission capabilities of electric motors to enable manual shifting of gears, preserving that feeling of control and finesse that comes with driving a classic car.

Conversions start at $50,000, ranging up to $200,000+ with prices adjusting with battery range, speed, and overall build scope.

Sandlgow Yellow Beachman Landrover Defender Electric Converted

Beachman Blue Porsche 365 Electric Converted

Please leave a detailed description of your car including: Model, year, transmission type, condition, and the range & speed you are hoping to achieve. We will get back to you with an assessment or quote if deemed eligible. 


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