Letter From The Founder No. 9

Letter From The Founder No. 9

Hey everyone, 

Spring is coming and soon our bikes will go back on sale. We get emails and calls every day from people asking how to get a bike in our next drop, and with warm weather coming back soon I thought I'd take the time to explain how we will be releasing bikes and how you can guarantee you get in on the next limited drop.

Firstly, we do have a small number of bikes (30-40) here in our Toronto store that are ready for sale. These bikes are Second Edition bikes that we kept over from 2021. The price per bike will be $4,000 + HST.

These bikes will go up for sale when spring weather is back in full swing, and everyone is able to ride them home right from the store. Later this month, you will get another email from me with the date and time of the launch, but for now that time is TBD, weather depending. Hopefully early April or late March.

Here's how the sale will work:

A week prior to the bikes going up for sale, we will open up test driving at our Toronto location. This will give everyone equal opportunity to test out a bike and make their final buying decision. At the test drives, we will cover all the points of ownership and have everyone sign the warranty papers in advance of purchase to make things faster on launch day. 

Launch day will be a Saturday or Sunday, and the sale will begin at 12 Noon. There will be no reservations, and it will be first come first serve. If you want to guarantee you get a bike, we suggest coming early and getting a good spot in line. We will not be guaranteeing any colour combinations or quantities, but if you want to buy multiple bikes you can.

If you live out of town, we will not be doing deliveries, but you can bring a trailer and buy a bike in store.

We are so excited for riding season and launching these early bikes before our '64 models come later this year. The '64 bikes will be slightly more expensive at $4,200 with a few upgrades from these models, but taking part in this sale will be the only way to guarantee riding all season long.

All notices for these test drive and bike launch days will go out via this email list and on our Instagram.

Theft Insurance Is Here!

After considerable delays from Kryptonite due to supply issues, we are happy to announce that we are now retailers of the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock. This is the absolute best lock made by Kryptonite and the only thing we recommend for maximum safety for your Beachman.

Not only is this thing an absolute doozy to cut through for thieves, but if they do steal your bike, Kryptonite offers up to $5,000 of theft insurance on the bike if they successfully cut the lock.

Seeing as E-Bikes don't qualify for auto insurance, this is the next best thing and we recommend these locks to every single one of our riders. 

We are now shipping them Canada-Wide and also selling them in-store, and for in-store purchases, we can walk you through the theft prevention registry at the moment of purchase to guarantee you're covered.

New Accessories In The Shop!

We recently added new lighters, notebooks, and keychains to the merch collection, all designed here in the studio.

That's all for now!

See you folks in the spring.
As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.

Ben Taylor