Letter From The Founder No. 8

Letter From The Founder No. 8
Hello everyone,
Welcome to our 'How to store your bike for winter: a guide.'

Beachmans are built to survive in the outdoors, but storing them for long periods during freezing temperatures can be damaging to your battery.

Keep your battery indoors and charge it once a month to ensure it stays topped up, as letting it freeze or drain totally of power will damage it, lowering its range and lifespan.

Proper storage of the bike is simple: 
  • Battery indoors, safe from cold and water
  • Bike on the mid-stand
  • Cover on and steering locked (if storing outdoors)
Here's a step-by-step breakdown.
Prop your bike up on the mid stand and insert your key into the box to open it up.
Pull out the battery connector and disconnect it from the bike.
Remove your battery gently and support it on the bottom as it is heavy and will want to fall out!
With your charger already plugged into the wall (the light will shine green) find the yellow battery port and plug it in. The charger should start up and the LED will go red.
Let it charge until full. The LED will go green and the charger will shut off automatically when charged.
Once fully charged, unplug your battery and the charger and store them in a safe location that is room temperature and free of any hazards like water or small children.

Once a month, repeat this process to ensure that the battery stays happy and healthy.
If you're storing your bike indoors, feel free to keep it propped up out of the way as a cool piece of feature decor.

Additional Steps For Outdoor Storage

Turn your handlebars to the left and use your bike key to latch the steering lock, located under your handlebars on the right side. 
If your key isn't turning all the way 180 degrees, turn the handlebars slowly until you find the spot where the lock pin enters the frame.

Then chain it up if you have an additional lock, and store it under a cover as pictured.

And that's that!

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That's all for now!

See you folks in the spring.
As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.

Ben Taylor