Letter From The Founder No. 5

Letter From The Founder No. 5

Hello everyone,

We have reached the final 48 hours of our Indiegogo campaign, the final weeks of fall, and the final stage of delivery for the Second Edition bikes. 

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.

Indiegogo ends in less than 48 Hours.

As of today, we are over $300,000 funded. This was our internal goal, and we are thrilled to have hit that milestone this Thanksgiving weekend.

Those interested in securing a '64 for summer 2022, now is the last moment to do so.

If you purchased the $100 Reservation ahead and haven't been able to reserve your bike, reply to this email immediately and I will send you your private URL for the $2,999 price.

Second Edition Shipping Update

The Second edition bikes are in Customs in Toronto, and the batteries are being loaded on the train in Vancouver.

In a bit of unfortunate news, as of Friday our bikes will have been stuck in Customs for a full month, having arrived on the 15th. We have been working with multiple customs brokers, been on the phone with customs many times a day, submitting new documents consistently, and done just about everything we can to get them released, however the shipping backlog has caused customs to grind to a halt on the Canadian side. This is not our first time importing crates of our bikes, but circumstances have certainly changed over 2021.

If anyone in our community has experience with Customs release in Toronto, or specifically a relationship with someone inside customs who could possibly help get the bikes released faster, please reply to this email and let's chat.

In addition to the month of riding time lost, we have also been charged over $20,000 by VIA Rail for storage fees during this time on these same bikes we are not allowed to pick up. I thought I'd share this to give our readers a look into the reality of running a startup during the pandemic, and the everyday challenges we face while doing our best to provide people with an awesome riding experience. This doesn't mean we're going out of business, Beachman will be OK, but it is certainly not the situation we hoped for. However unfortunate it is, we will get through this. Because coming to work here every day is worth it.

Once they're in our hands in Toronto, we will be working around the clock to do final prep and safety testing on each bike. The fastest way to get your Second Edition will be a pickup at the retail store, and those who need delivery can coordinate with us. 

Beachman Phone/Computer Wallpapers

For anyone who'd like some nice HD photos of the '64, here's a link to our favorites from this summer: LINK
That's all for now!
Ben Taylor
Co Founder