Letter From The Founder No. 3

Letter From The Founder No. 3

Hello everyone,

I have 4 major pieces of news for you in this letter. Updates on the Second Edition, '64, and the Retail Store!

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.


Beachman '64 Indiegogo Launch : September 14

Finally, we can announce our date. September 14, our campaign will go live and those who have reserved a '64 will be able to back the project at their preferred price that day.

Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your weird neighbor Doug that really likes motorcycles.

The Indiegogo campaign is an opportunity for our greatest supporters to quite literally make Beachman happen. Backers will purchase their 2022 bike in advance, and in doing so allows us to use the campaign funds to pay for manufacturing up front, something that is essential for a small and brand new company like ourselves.

I'm happy to announce that we already have nearly 100 bikes reserved for day 1, meaning we should surpass our goal within hours and guarantee that everyone gets their dream bike.

As a reminder:
Reserving a Beachman '64 now for $100 will cement your spot in our exclusive Beach Club, which will give you access to an IndieGoGo price of $3,000, down from $4,200 retail price. Those who participate in the IndieGoGo without making a reservation ahead of time will not get this price.

This is the last discount we will ever give on a Beachman product. 

The link to do so is here: 

Toronto Store Opens Wednesday, September 1

The Beachman Café is open for business! Come down to 2879 Dundas Street West in Toronto to enjoy some fresh roasted espresso, see the bikes in person, and go for a test ride.

Our hours for now will be 12-6 PM, Wednesday-Sunday.

The theme of the store is "Coffee And Motorcycles" and fittingly will feature a full service espresso bar up front, which we've partnered with Good Good Coffee to run. 

All current Founders Edition riders, come pick up your bike's license plate! They're waiting for you at the store.

Second Edition Shipping Update

The bikes are on the ocean and well on their way, however our 112 Lithium batteries are currently being held in a "Dangerous Goods" warehouse and awaiting clearance. Who knew that shipping a massive lithium bomb during a global shipping shortage would be this difficult!?

I want to extend a personal thank you to everyone who has reserved a second edition and waited patiently for their bike throughout the summer. We have at this point exhausted every resource and connection we have in the shipping world, and we had to out-bid Wal-Mart to get our bikes on a shipping crate. That means that our costs of shipping have now ballooned to over $30,000 from the original $5,000 cost, but we maintain our promise not to pass this cost onto our riders. This summer has been difficult for every industry, and the increased cost is strong proof that everyone on earth is struggling to get their goods.

Updates on British Columbia and Moped vs. E-Bike

Recently I've had many questions about BC, and the E-bike laws in the province vs. the rest of the country. Throttled E-Bikes have been under fire in the province lately, and while the laws are still unclear, we are going with the side of caution.

We have decided that next year we will consider the Beachman '64 not a legal E-Bike in British Columbia. In response, we are actively working with the province to get the '64 certified as a Limited-Speed Motorcycle (LSM) which uses moped laws.

This will allow our BC riders to register and insure their bikes, and they will require a valid driver's license but NOT a motorcycle license to ride. Best of all, we get to ditch the bike pedals and up the top speed to 70kph. 

We will keep you updated on this progress as we navigate the beurocracy and get our bikes registered as legal LSM's in BC. 

Moving forward, our plan is to have Nationwide LSM registration available to all customers, allowing everyone to access higher speeds, safer driving, and proper licensing and insurance. This is truly the bike we always wanted to build, so we are excited to return to our original vision.

For info on the laws around LSM's in BC
That's all for now
Ben Taylor