Letter From The Founder No.20

Letter From The Founder No.20

A letter written in the sun...

Hey Everyone,

I write this to you sitting in an Eames chair, drinking an ice-cold ginger beer, out front of our new Keele St. HQ on a beautiful sunny Saturday morning.

Much has happened since my last letter. We've opened up an all-new bike customization program. We've been in the Globe & Mail. We've opened up a new service converting our most discerning customers' cars into electric resto-mods. Most importantly, we're open again on Saturdays

Spring is always a difficult time for us as demand for our bikes goes from 0 to 100 in a matter of a few sunny days, and the team has been working day in day out to deliver our beautiful rides to you since that first 20-degree weather hit in May.

We have much planned this summer, so I'm previewing much of it in the letter below.

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.

Calling All Dealers: Beachman Is Going To The USA

You read that right. By the end of 2023, we will finally be selling bikes into the United States.

With new territory comes new challenges, and so we are excited to announce we will be wholesaling bikes to apt partners across the States. If you think you have what it takes to represent Beachman, and make some good money doing it, send us a dealership application on our dealer page using the button below.

This application is open to all USA and Canadian dealers, from coast to coast. 

Our top priorities are currently California, Florida, Texas, and Alberta.

We Are Now Electric-Converting Customer Cars

A long-term dream of the Beachman team is finally coming to fruition, as we are expanding our world of electric vehicles beyond our bikes and into the 4-wheel world. 

Our Dune Buggy Bumblebee was the first foray into building road-worthy electric cars, and with our upcoming top-secret car projects finishing later this year, we have opened up applications for our inaugural customers to have their vehicles converted over the winter.

Electric conversions start at $50,000, with the price adjusting with increased speed, battery capacity, and build scope.

Beachman Muskoka Is Coming This Summer

That's right. There's no better way to cruise through cottage country than on a brand-new Beachman 64, and the Beachmans are coming to you.

We will be hosting a pop-up store in Muskoka this summer with test rides, refreshments, and home delivery - buy your Beachman and it will be delivered right to your cottage.  

I will be announcing full details in a later letter, but you can reply to this email to get on the reservation list for the Muskoka bikes so that you don' miss the drop.

Beachman Customs Are Here

We have been working all spring to release a new collection of custom parts that are available for all Beachman models, and can be installed before you purchase so that you ride off the lot with a custom work of art.

Custom parts range from $40-$400 and we built a portfolio that suits all kinds of style.

Parts can be shipped to your home, or bring your bike into the shop for free installation.

'64 Sidecars Are Here

Not much needs to be said, aside from the fact that dogs of the world can now rejoice as they join their owners everywhere they go with our new '64 compatible sidecars. 

Independent suspension, built-in seating with seatbelts, and a lot more legroom than you'd expect come standard.

Installation is included with the purchase price on these beauties. These sidecars are truly the ultimate customization available to the discerning Beachman owner.

Work Shirts Are Back In Stock

The Blue Collar is our most essential piece of gear. Built for durability, finished with premium touches like pearl snaps and heavy-duty stitched pockets with a built-in pen-slot. Finished with the statement back embroidery over the shoulder blades.

This shirt is timeless and tough, and it's what we wear to work every day at the Beachman factory.

That's all for now!
As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.

Ben Taylor