Letter from the Founder No. 2

Letter from the Founder No. 2

Hello everyone,

This next company update comes with much excitement. We, as always, have some happy and some unfortunate news, and the show must go on!

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.


  • The Beachman '64 Is Here

Our 2022 model is going all the way back to 1964. With updated styling, 30% increased battery range, new tires, and a retooled riding experience, this is our best bike yet. 

This is the bike we have been dreaming of building since the beginning. Those with Founders and Second edition bikes will be able to get an upgrade package to match the performance and styling as well.

Launching on IndieGoGo August 2021, all bikes will be pre-sold and destined for their owners right from the moment of creation.

Reserving a Beachman '64 now for $100 will cement your spot in our exclusive Beach Club, which will give you access to an IndieGoGo price of $3,000, down from $4,200 retail price. Those who participate in the IndieGoGo without making a reservation ahead of time will not get this price.

This is the last discount we will ever give on a Beachman product. 

The link to do so is here: www.beachman.ca/products/beachman-64-e-bike


  • Second Edition Shipping Update

The shipping crisis overseas has persisted throughout the summer and our hope for an August delivery was not met. The batteries have been divided into a separate shipment due to new restrictions on dangerous goods, and we are awaiting shipping date for this, however, the next 100 Second Edition bikes will leave port this Friday, August 5th, and will arrive in September. Once the batteries and bikes are united we will begin deliveries immediately.

I want to be transparent with our customers on why their bikes have been so delayed and what we have been doing about it. We finished production on June 9th of this summer and were booked to go with a shipping date of June 28th. This date was then pushed forward 6 times, each time the price going up.

What started as a $3,500USD shipment has now ballooned to over $20,000USD. Instead of passing the cost on to our customers, we have decided to deliver your bikes at the price we promised, no matter how it affects our business. This is our commitment to customer service, and to keeping our word.

Finally, anyone who wishes to get a refund on their Second Edition bike due to the long unanticipated wait, we absolutely understand and you can reply to this email to sort this out. We have lots of customers hoping to get a second edition bike and they will happily take your place.

If you would like to switch your Second Edition deposit over to a '64 deposit, we can also organize that.

  • Toronto Retail Store Coming Soon!

That's right, we are opening our very first retail store soon in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto near Keele and Dundas. Steve has been working tirelessly to design and build the store himself, and we're excited to share the space with you.

The theme of the store is "Coffee And Motorcycles" and fittingly will feature a full service espresso bar up front, which we've partnered with Good Good Coffee to run. 

We will announce the address and the launch date soon, and we invite you to come meet us at the opening party, have a beer and some BBQ, and for all current Founders Edition riders, come pick up your bike's license plate!


That's all for now.

Ben Taylor