Letter From The Founder No. 19

Letter From The Founder No. 19

Spring is here, and so is a new Beachman.

It's been some time since my last update, but it isn't because we've been hibernating from the winter - far from it!

Over the past few months, Steve and I have finally put into motion our original plan from 2019; a Beachman e-bike assembly line here in Toronto, where the entire '64 bike is built from the frame up. I am so thrilled to say that day has finally come, and from now on all Beachman bikes will be built here in Canada. 

Our factory is still in "factory mode", and we haven't quite set it up for customers yet but those brave enough to visit a raw production facility are welcome to come see where their bikes are coming from, at our new spot in 500 Keele. This is also where you will be taking your bike for servicing etc. until further notice.

Bikes are also now built and up for sale again, no more pre-orders for a little while, and we are working to increase our production volumes over this year to end pre-orders overall by 2024.

Our bikes are now available in Quebec, and we will be selling Beachmans in Los Angeles by the end of the year as well!

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.

Pre-Orders Are Done, '64 Sales Are Live!

Spring is here, and with the warm weather comes a new production run of Beachmans. We have 20 bikes currently built and ready to go, and more on the way. You can now buy a Bike and ride it home the very same day.

If you live in Quebec, we are now offering bikes shipped to your home, or to be picked up at our new Montreal Service Center - Idle Garage. While you can get a bike sent to you wherever you live in Quebec, keep in mind that our only serice center is currently in Montreal. Anyone living in Quebec City or elsewhere, we can work with you to find someone who can do servicing.


64's Are 100% Hand-Assembled In Toronto

While we have always finished each bike here, we have now finally moved into a space that was large enough to build out a proper assembly line. Each bike starts as a blank frame, and is built from the ground up by a Beachman employee in our new facility.

You're welcome to come visit us,  but we will have more updates on the space this summer as we re-build our coffee lounge inside the factory. Right now, it's just a big assembly line!

The Founder's List

Another edition of things I've come across that are particularly tasteful, and inextricably Beachman.

Drive: The Meyers Manx EV Dune Buggy 

Only 2 months after we completed our build the Beachman Electric Dune Buggy, the original creators of the Dune Buggy, Meyers Manx, announced they would be returning to the car world with an all-new EV. While we do wish we were credited with the idea, we are thrilled to see this iconic car return from the grave in the coolest way possible. Beachman approved.

Check it out at MeyersManx.com

Watch: The Talented Mr. Ripley

I recently enjoyed a re-watch of this classic film starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and the ever stylish Jude Law. The first half of the film captures the Beachman Life in a way that few films ever have, as the film's lead characters cruise around the southwest of Italy and Rome, enjoying the food, live jazz, and the sea and sun. The second and third acts go in a completely unexpected direction, so I'll leave it at that and allow the uninitiated to enjoy this terrific film.

It's currently available on Prime Video: Watch Here

Drink: Oldtown Bodega

This quiet spot in Corktown has become a favourite. With absolutely no food on the menu and a fantastic rotating offering of reasonably priced cocktails, your tastebuds will be as happy as your wallet. The music here is also 100% Beachman approved with a fantastic rotation of 60's classics and modern tunes.

Check them out: Taste Toronto

Listen: Beachman Home Volume 2

In the newest installment of the Beachman discography is the second volume of our Beachman Home series. 

This curated playlist will instantly transform your home it a cozy, relaxed, and classy spot. Fit for cocktail parties, warm summer afternoons on the patio, or just chilling.

Find it on Spotify: Beachman Home Volume 2
That's all for now!
As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.

Ben Taylor