Letter From The Founder No. 13

Letter From The Founder No. 13

Coffee, Goods, and The Future Of Beachman

This letter is a little long, so if you're interested in the updates only, feel free to scroll past to the rest of the email.

I've been spending a lot of time this summer thinking about the future of Beachman.

There is so much we want to do here; with our bikes of course, and our expanding line of goods, but also with how we do business. In the beginning, Steve and I talked a lot about global expansion; having our bikes across Italy, France, and New Zealand by 2023. Of course, as we grew we also found how vital it is to us to service our bikes and take care of our customers. So we began to think smaller, expanding into locales where we know our bikes will be well-loved and our customers will be taken care of. This goes against everything being done in the e-bike industry right now, and it feels right.

This new thought shift has allowed us to think more closely about our own store, and experiment with fun ways of bringing the Beachman life to new avenues. 

So why coffee? It has a little to do with family.

My brother Jake is a passionate coffee drinker, barista, and roaster of artisan coffee. Growing up, I remember the day he spent his entire childhood savings on a second-hand espresso machine at the age of 15. His love of coffee only grew over time and eventually he landed the job as the head roaster at Stereo Coffee just around the corner from the Beachman shop. We've always had a small coffee bar at the store, with our original inspiration being the espresso bars at Porsche dealerships and the old motorcycle cafes up and down the coast of California. Once Jake began roasting coffee, the opportunity to join forces became clear and very exciting. One year later, here we are. 

I'm very proud to present to you the Bahama Blend, a fantastic morning roast that we've enjoyed at the shop for some time now and have given the Beachman stamp of approval. Coffee is something we are committed to long-term and we will continue to grow our offerings and increase our quality as time goes on. Dark Roast and Single-Origin are next on the list.

Secondly, we've got a pretty great line of summer goods for you. Watches, Backpacks, Tees, and Hats round out what we've got this summer, and they've all been develpoed with quality and taste at the forefront. Getting to design these items is one of the best parts of my job. The bags are actually a design that I came across when I was working with our glove manufacturers and knew right away they were the perfect summer bag, and we are developing a second bag from scratch right now with local leatherworker Cavalier Goods which will be ready next year.

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.

Our New Premium Coffee: Bahama Blend

Simple, warm, and dependable, like an old pair of jeans you can't stop wearing. The Bahama Blend is roasted gently in order to bring out the light acidity and bold, sweet, chocolatey flavors that make an incredible morning cup; be it espresso, pourover, drip, moka pot, or campfire kettle. We don't judge.

We are thrilled to begin our foray into the world of coffee with our signature blend. This is a project that is the result of years of study, many hours of tasting, and a love for coffee.

To save money on shipping, we recommend grabbing a couple of bags, as the shipping cost is almost the same for 1 bag or 4 bags.

For new customers, you can use the discount code BAHAMA to get free shipping if you order 2 bags or more!

The Traveler's Bag

When you need to transport your Negroni kit from A to B, trust the Traveler's Bag to get it there.

Constructed with a waxed canvas exterior, tanned leather pockets, and a sensible modern interior lining, it combines rugged, practical build quality with classic styling. The brass zippers have a smooth action and add an extra layer of class and security.

This backpack converts to a duffle with ease by use of the hidden backstrap pocket which will hold them securely in the bag while you take full advantage of the duffle bag's form factor. 

The '64 Watch

Designed as an homage to our ‘64 café racer, the face resembles the prominent black-and-white circular racing numbers featured on the side panels of racing bikes in the 1960's and 1970's.

Created with maximum functionality and comfort in mind, a simple stainless steel body and crystal face protect the Japanese Quartz movement.

Each watch comes with 3 NATO style straps; blue, green, and sand, to match the colour of your '64's gas tank.

The Beach Hat

I got the review function up and running on the site, and would appreciate any current Beachman customers with 3 minutes to spare that can leave a review on the page so people can hear all about your bike.

You can scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the reviews section. Please upload pictures with your review if you have them!!

Tune Into The Beachman Road - A Playlist For Journeys

This playlist was born for our 25-day road trip across Canada last summer.

We knew we'd need lots of great music, and wanted something that captured the spirit of being very, very far from home on some lost highway. We took some pretty incredible detours on the trip that took us very far from the traditional route of Highway 1, and these were the moments when the music really kicked into high gear.

Cheers, and enjoy. That's all for now!

This summer is going to be an incredible one, and we can't wait to see you on the road.

As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.

Ben Taylor