Letter From The Founder No. 10

Letter From The Founder No. 10
Hey everyone,
Gloves Are Here, And Test Drives Are Underway

Today's letter comes with great pleasure, as we can finally proudly announce the release of our new Knit & Cowhide Riding Gloves. These have been in the works for over 6 months of design and testing and we are very happy with the final result.

Not only that, but starting today we will be open again for test drives. During the week we will need to book your ride ahead of time to ensure we have enough staff present at the shop to acommodate your ride, but we will always be available for rides on (sunny) Saturdays and Sundays. You can always check with us by emailing info@beachman.ca or calling the company line. Our store address is 2879 Dundas West, Toronto.

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.

Style Meets Practicality With The Knit Gloves

Ask any experienced motorcyclist, and they'll tell you that gloves are a must while riding. The added grip and protection from road rash are essential features, but style need not be compromised to achieve them.

Breathable air channels in the leather palms and fingers allow for a comfortable grip that doesn't compromise the protective quality of cowhide. The woven backhand provides an exceptionally comfortable and breathable experience for summer riding, and the wrist strap features adjustable snaps for added versatility and a snug fit.

Enjoy riding with the comfort and added protection provided by these exceptional gloves.

Helmets Are In

Want a matched set of helmet & gloves? Now is the time. We went a bit helmet crazy and got a bunch of new styles in. With the spring season approaching safety will be key, so armor up, and look your very best while you do it.

Pictured Above: Bonanza Helmet in Vintage White with Yellow Visor and Overland Goggles.

That's all for now!

This summer is going to be an incredible one, and we can't wait to see you on the road.

As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.

Ben Taylor