Letter from the Founder No. 1

Letter from the Founder No. 1

Hello, friends and customers of Beachman.

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for some time, and now that we have returned from our 26-day journey from Toronto to Vancouver and back, the time is right.

First, I want to extend to you a heartfelt thanks. In our first 3 months of business, we have had a response from the community that we never could have imagined. To many people’s surprise, both Steve, my co-founder and the COO, and I are still working the full-time jobs we had prior to founding the company, but will soon be able to move on.

Working at Beachman full-time is something we have dreamed of since we built the first bike in Steve’s garage in 2019, so thank you for making our dream a reality!

We have lots to announce for the coming month, some great news, and some more painful updates, all of which you will find in this letter.

I’ll highlight the important bits like this for those with little time.



Toronto Test Driving and Pre-Sales Resume

The time to get on a Beachman and feel the wind in your hair has returned! Our next test drive session will take place at 72 Polson Street on Saturday, July 10th, at 12 PM Noon. No booking is necessary, just come join us!

You can bring your own helmet or have a sterilized one provided for you, however bringing your own is best to ensure it fits! You cannot ride without a helmet.

Second Edition Shipping Delays

Now for the painful bit of news. Along with most other industries, we have been impacted by the global shipping delays caused by COVID-19 and backed-up ports all summer 2021. The Second Edition bikes finished production in June, but we have been waiting our turn for a shipping date much longer than we hoped.

While we are optimistic that our bikes will leave the port of origin early this month, it is unlikely that our Second Edition bikes will arrive in Toronto before August 1st.

This delay has impacted companies in every industry in the globe, but it hit bicycles and e-bikes especially hard thanks to the rising demand for outdoor activities during the pandemic.

To those who have purchased or reserved a Second Edition bike, thank you for your patience. We promise the wait will be worth it in the end.

Beachman Retail Store Under Construction

For some good news, we are opening a retail store in The Junction neighbourhood of Toronto! More info and pictures are to come as we get things ready, but it is already shaping up better than we dreamed. The theme of the store? “Coffee and Motorcycles”

Road Trip Recap

Finally, for those who are curious, a little rundown on our trip.

On June 8th, our Official Photographer Yair Martinez and I set off on a cross-country journey to film the commercial for our next bike, which will be coming in 2022 and will be announced very soon. We drove over 10,000 km with a Beachman on the back of our car and met up with a film crew of old friends to shoot for 5 days all across British Columbia. From the peak of Green Stone Mountain to the sandy shores of Vancouver and everywhere in between, we put our bike through its paces and it made it out the other side no worse for wear.

We can’t share our work just yet, but here’s a 35mm photo our director shot at the beach, where all of our bikes belong.

Feel free to shoot me a reply any time to my personal email: ben@beachman.ca

That’s all for now.

Signing off,

Ben Taylor

Co-Founder, CEO

Beachman Motor Company