Letter From The Founder No. 6

Letter From The Founder No. 6

Hello everyone,

With the Indiegogo closed, we should be taking preorders for the 64 again later this month for $100, and are just setting up a new payment provider for this.

Importantly, after months of waiting, some good news is below for Second Edition customers.

As always I will highlight all the important bits like this for those who only have time to scan the email.

The Second Edition Bikes Are In The Shop And Awaiting Batteries

That's right. Customs cleared, trains unloaded, oceans battled, the bikes are here, all 100 of them. Thank you everyone who showed true patience as the global shipping delays this year set us back time and time again.

The batteries are on a truck right now driving across Canada from the port of Vancouver to Toronto

Once they arrive, we will be working day and night to deliver the bikes as fast as possible. I will be reaching out to every single Second Edition customer to arrange your pickup time in line with the order that deposits/purchases were made. 

If you need a delivery to your home instead of picking up from the store, reply to this email. There will be a small delivery charge based on the distance from Toronto.

If you have any questions, or want to come see the bikes, then come down to the retail store and check them out!

Helmet Orders Are Open & Must Be Submitted By Monday, November 8th

Those who would like a matching vintage Biltwell helmet to go with their Beachman, there are just 2 things you need to do right now:

1. Go to this page and choose the helmet style, size, and colour you would like:  https://www.biltwellinc.com/collections/helmets

2. Reply to this email with your order and I will have one brought into the shop for you to pay for & pick up on the day of your bike delivery.

"You Got My Number" Music Video is up!

We had a lot of requests to upload our Indiegogo song for people to listen to, so I cut together this fun little video for everyone with extras from the commercial.

My Co-founder Steve made this song just for the Indiegogo campaign as he happens to be a professional musician on top of being a motorcycle builder and designer. 

Check it out!
You Got My Number Music Video
That's all for now!
You can access all our previous letters on our website's 'Letters' page.
As always, feel free to reply to this email to speak with me personally.
Ben Taylor
Co Founder