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"One of these beautiful bikes rode past me while I was walking my dog so naturally I ran after the guy, stopped him, and asked about a million questions. Within a couple of weeks my very own Beachman arrived!

Cam Linke

Buying a Beachman was such a great gift to myself. I needed to find a way to get outside and see the world and zen out... that's what the Beachman is, a joy engine on two wheels.

Aurora Browne

The great thing is I can also have my girlfriend on the back and we enjoy seeing the city. The price was great, and with a distance of 70 KM on a full charge, there is nowhere I can't go in the city.

David Wood

I have been nothing but impressed with this bike. It rides great, it's easy to use for someone new to riding, and the range and speed are more than adequate for living in the city. I look forward to riding it every single day.

Mitchell Nice

Love the look and the ride. I picked up and added a couple of side reflectors and mirrors. I get asked about it almost every time I’m out for a ride. It’s pretty unique in Ottawa.

Scott Paterson

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Powertrain - Class 2 E-Bike
  • Top speed of 20 mph, with toggleable 30mph off-road mode
  • Max Weight 300 lbs - passenger friendly
  • Anti-theft handlebar lock and double-locked battery
  • Removable 40Ah lithium battery
  • Top range of 56 miles
  • Tank & seat color options
  • Remote start/stop feature
  • Class 2 E-Bike
Powertrain - Light Motorcycle
  • Top speed of 45 mph
  • Max Weight 350 lbs - passenger friendly
  • Anti-theft handlebar lock and motion alarm
  • Removable 40Ah lithium battery or non-removable 60Ah battery
  • Maximum range - 56 miles (40Ah) | 85 Miles (60Ah)
  • Tank & seat color options
  • Remote start/stop feature
  • 50cc/Moped class motorcycle - Requires license, insurance, registration

Make Every Journey an Adventure

New Custom Frame Design

Increased Theft Protection

Handlebar Locks at 45 Degrees

Saddle Up For 2

Remote Start & Stop Feature

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Customize Your Aviator

Old School Looks, Modern Safety

An Affordable Classic For Your Collection


There will be two distinct Beachman Aviator models: the Aviator E-Bike and the Aviator Light Motorcycle. Both Aviator models are street-safe; however, there are important differences to note when deciding between the two models.

The Aviator E-Bike is classified as a class 2 Electric Bicycle, with a top on-road speed of 20 mph. This model can be ridden on both roads and bike lanes due to its classification.

Alternatively, the Aviator Light Motorcycle falls under a 50cc/Moped classification and therefore requires a Motorbike license and cannot be ridden in bike lanes.

You DO NOT need a motorcycle license to ride a class 2 E-Bike.
You DO need a motorcycle license or applicable driver’s license to drive a Light Motorcycle (LM), depending on your state/municipality.

Beachman has servicing center partners across Canada and the United States. If your bike needs servicing or repairs, we will work with you to ensure you get the parts and services you need.

We offer a range of accessories and customizations for your Beachman Aviator. These accessories include: custom tank wraps, diamondback leather seats, mid rise handlebars, off-road tires, quilted hand grips, headlight grills, signal light grills, bar-end mirrors, custom leather saddlebags, bike covers, racer goggles, leather riding gloves, traveler’s backpack, caps, toques, and key chains.

Absolutely! We offer a couple of options for new customers who want to connect with existing owners.

Through our website, we have a 'connect with an owner' portal, which allows curious customers to reach out to Beachman Bike owners. Once you purchase your Beachman, you can register to become a member of this community.

Additionally, you can post questions to our Subreddit r/Beachmanbikes. This subreddit serves as a platform for discussions, questions, and sharing experiences related to Beachman bikes. It's a great way to connect with other owners and enthusiasts.